Coolsville Criminology Museum (RotG)
Type Musuem
Part of Coolsville
Owned by Dinkley Family[1]
First appearance TBA

The Coolsville Criminology Museum is from the live action movie Monsters Unleashed (named Coolsonian Criminology Museum) and will be seen in Scooby-Doo! Revenge of the Ghouls. It is a combination of the Crystal Cove Spook Museum and CCM. It features all of the monsters the gang has encountered.


It was first mentioned by Fred in A Haunting in the Cemetery, when he asks Velma about it, revealing that Velma's parents own the museum. The Phantom's costume was also stolen from the museum in the episode, as Anthony Binst was using the disguise to scare people away from the cemetery to look for gold but was foiled by Mystery Inc. Although it wasn't shown, it is confirmed Velma returned the costume to the museum.


Monster Exhibits

The most famous attraction of the museum are the monster exhibits, which are many of the monsters of Mystery Inc's cases, which feature the disguise of the monsters and information about the case, as well. More info about the exhibits can be found here.


  • TBA