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It's Terror Time, Scooby Doo! is another incarnation of the long-running Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon Scooby-Doo. It is a fan made take on Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

The only writer is Bigscoobydoofan2.


Scooby Doo and his mystery solving friends go around the world, encountering frightful fiends and crucial clues!


  • Frank Welker - Fred Jones, Scooby-Doo, several monsters
  • Grey Griffin - Daphne Blake
  • Matthew Lillard - Norville "Shaggy" Rogers
  • Kate Micucci - Velma Dinkley
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Alien Vampire Werewolf Witch Potato Frog Zombie, Frid, several monsters


Season 1

Episode #


Episode #

(In Season)

Title Word Count
1 1 Bug Man Strikes Gold! 5,854
The gang goes to a motel in Nevada after they hear that a bug man is there. After they do some exploring, they discover an abandoned mine full of gold- but is this what the bug man wants?
Villain: Bug Man

Daphneism: Being a country girl

2 2 To Infinity and The Ghosts! 7,900
The gang goes to a Space museum to learn about Space, but instead they end up learning about a martian that has been roaming around! Will they solve the mystery with Daphne trying to create her own city? Whatever happens, it'll sure be one tin foil hat of an adventure....
Villain: Martian

Daphneism: Trying to create an alien eutopia

3 3 The Medical Monster of Doom! 6,302
After Fred types in the wrong coordinates to the Mystery Machine's GPS, the gang ends up at a creepy old hospital. Things get even WORSE when they discover the ghost of a mad doctor from the 50's, who is looking for his next patient to 'experiment' with. Will they save the hospital?
Villain: Ghost of Dr Kenneth Edgar

Daphneism: Being a hospital volunteer

4 4 A Horrible Thrill at the Lumbermill! 7,861
The gang is looking for jobs, so Shaggy's uncle helps! Unfortunately, it turns out to be a very bad experience, as the gang are only informed last minute that the place he owns is a lumbermill....
Villain: Tree monster

Daphneism: Trying to make sculptures

5 5 It's Mean, It's Green, It's The Human Machine! 5,821
When Fred adds a new function to the Mystery Machine that can make it turn human, he refuses to change him back into the van. Around the same time, a haunted car appears and terrorizes the town. Will the gang be able to convince Fred to change the Mystery Machine back?
Villain: Haunted car

Daphneism: Wanting to drive without a driver's license

6 6 Night of the Living Scooby 8,536
The gang accidentally gets locked in a huge toy store at night, and can't find a way to get out! Things get even worse when a demon dummy puts the place in lockdown and begins to terrorize them. Will they get out....dead or alive?
Villain: Francis the Demon Dummy

Daphneism: Starting her own toyline

7 7 Sub-Scooby 6,360
The gang incorrectly thinks that the place they're heading to is an underwater-themed fair. Turns out it's actually a real expedition in a submarine under the sea. When they get there, they find out that a mermaid is haunting the submarine, and the mermaid can grow legs, meaning....

She could be anywhere on board...

Villain: Demon Mermaid

Daphneism: Trying to communicate with sea animals

8 8 It's Waffle Time, Scooby-Doo! 7,305
The gang goes to a waffle restaurant and finds out that a ghost chef is haunting it. Will they escape the wrath of the ghost and his rolling pin?
Villain: Ghost of Chef Gunther

Daphneism: Trying to steal the secret waffle recipe

9 9 Seatbelts Out, Fear In! 6,575
The gang goes to the theme park 'Bubsy Land!' and aims to go on every single ride there! Though they find out that a ghostly mascot of Bubsy Land is haunting them. Will they solve this rollercoaster of a mystery?
Villain: Dewey the Wild Dingo

Daphneism: Riding all of the rides

10 10 Death of The Daphneisms! 6,574
Daphne is tired of being the weird and quirky one, so for the first time ever, sets off to solve the mystery herself!! She leaves Fred, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby with one job: Fill in her role.
Villain: Vampire

Daphneism: None

Fredism: Telling jokes

Shaggyism: Pretending to be a 40 year old New Yorker man

Velmaism: Refuses to have an ism, but gets the codename 'Brainbox'

Scoobyism: Pretending to be a parrot

11 11 The Barking Dead 6,887
While driving to a lake to do some fishing, the gang gets lost and find themselves at a swamp where a film company is filming a scene for their latest movie. Shaggy and Scooby even get in the film! But when they find out that a zombie has been haunting the shooting, they worry about their stardom....and a possible infection.....
Villain: Zombie

Daphneism: Trying to be camoflauged

12 12 Public Doo-ty 4,657
The gang gets quite a surprise when their mysteries keep getting solved by random people on the street before them!
Villain(s): Giant ogre, Headless Ghost, Witch, Aliens, Werewolf, Goblin, Shark, Mysterious Figure

Daphneism: Meditation

13 13 Its Rocking Time, Scooby-Doo! 7,563
Daphne enters the gang into a music contest at a concert. The gang is about to start practising when it comes to an abrupt stop, as they find out that a ghost is haunting the area. Will they solve the mystery for all of rock 'n roll?
Villain: Spirit of Chester Soulnumb

Daphneism: Emo rock

Season 2

Episode #


Episode #

(In Season)

Title Word Count
14 1 Where Walk The Dark Watchers 8,280
The gang travels to a desert in California to go on vacation and see Velma's uncle Patrick. But something strange is going on in the quiet, sandy small town. Two phantoms, all dressed in black, with haunting eyes, seem to be on everyone's trail. And sometimes, the Dark Watchers attack...
Villain: The Dark Watchers

Daphneism: Escaping the cops in disguise

15 2 Anime-Niacs 8,599
The gang goes to an anime convention in San Francisco, and now Daphne is collecting trading cards. Unfortunately, a horrific monster from a popular anime is haunting the convention. Will Shaggy be able to stop it with his godly powers that he has possessed?
Villain: Shitoko Beast

Daphneism: Collecting trading cards

16 3 Going Retro 8,538
The gang goes to an old fashioned 80's themed diner, where a party is taking place to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the place. Everyone is in old fashioned costumes from the 80's too. But, will the guests of the party be able to escape a phantom DJ's trance? And are the old days all that good as people say?
Villain: Phantom DJ

Daphneism: Trying out different 80's things

17 4 Curse Of The Zodiac Witch 7,491
The gang visits a huge tree that has multiple floors which can tell you your future and tell you more about your Star Sign in many different ways. But, a witch that possesses the power of all the star sign elements is haunting the tree. With Daphne off on her own adventure to do a ritual and Fred attempting to expose fortune cookies, will the gang be able to stop the witch? Or will their investigations affect their future forever....forever.....forever.....
Villain: Zodiac Witch

Daphneism: Joining the Goat Guild

18 5 Cops And Robbers 8,558
The gang bumps into a group of neighborhood children in a city, who are playing a big game of 'Cops and Robbers', but apparently there is a mystery that needs to be solved. At first, they don't take it seriously at all, since it's just pretend play. But when they learn that there's actually a monster from the sewers roaming around the area, will they change their minds?
Villain: Sewer Fiend

Daphneism: Becoming chief of Tiny Cops Police

19 6 Sabre Scare 8,875
The gang is heading to a fencing tournament to see games, but bad luck slashes through the trip when they discover the appearance of a fencing ghoul which is injuring some of the players. Meanwhile, Velma goes undercover as a professional fencer to look for clues, but finds that she is getting a little too invested in the sport.
Villain: Ghoul Fencer

Daphneism: Teaching Velma as a Grandmaster

20 7 It's Freezing Time, Scooby-Doo! 8,102
Captain Pegleg brings the gang on a boat tour in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, but unluckily for them, a demonic, tall Emperor Penguin appears. Worse enough, things take a turn when the penguin shakes things up in a certain way, forcing the gang to go out in the dangerous, freezing cold Arctic...
Villain: Demon Emperor Penguin

Daphneism: Writing a survival diary about the Arctic

21 8 Scooby's Christmas Miracle 8,931
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring- Oh, except for Scooby.

The gang heads to a Scandinavian resort on Christmas Eve. At the resort, multiple things are watching them; one of them being Daphne's plastic elf, the other being a spirit formed from Norway's famous Northern lights that is haunting the resort and the mountains surrounding it...

Villain: Specter of The Northern Lights

Daphneism: Taking care of Kevin the Elf