Developer Decca03 Games
Publisher THQ
Release Date January 1st, 2013
Genre Mystery
Rated E for Everyone
Platforms Nintendo 3DS

Wii U

Media 3DS = Game Cartridge
Wii and Wii U = Disc

Scooby-Doo! A Mysterious World is a 2D game for the 3DS, Wii, and Wii U.


The gang travels solving mysteries.

How to play

In each level you will meet suspects, find clues, and run from monsters. You can even collect Scooby Snacks; there are 25 in each level and 100 altogether. Once you beat the monster in a battle, you get to guess who did it. If you are right, you get the monster costume for your Monster Museum.

Playable Characters


Story Mode

  1. Under Attack by a Yeti (Default)
  2. The House of Haunts (To unlock beat the previous level.)
  3. A Tree of Terror (To unlock beat the previous level.)
  4. The Dark Feast (To unlock beat the previous level.)


  1. You Meddling Kids! (To unlock beat story mode.)


Story Mode

  1. Shivering Spooks! (Unlocked by beating level 1)
  2. The Ghost With The Most! (Unlocked by beating level 2)
  3. Those Meddling Trees! (Unlocked by beating level 3)
  4. The Freakiest Feast! (Unlocked by beating level 4)
  5. And I Would've Gotten Away With It Too! (Unlocked by beating story mode)

Scooby Snacks

  1. Your First Snack (Unlocked by collecting 1 Scooby


  1. Complete a Snack (Unlocked by getting every Scooby Snack in one area)
  2. Half Way! (Unlocked by getting 50 Scooby Snacks)
  3. You've Been Snackified! (Unlocked by getting every Scooby Snack in story mode)
  4. Snack Snatcher! (Unlocked by getting every snack in the game)

Chase Scenes

  1. You've Been Chased! (Unlocked by completing your first chase scene)
  2. Chasers! (Unlocked by completing every chase scene)

Monster Museum

  1. Right! (Unlocked by getting one costume in your museum)
  2. Smart at Story (Unlocked by getting every costume from story mode in your museum)
  3. Smarter Than The Demon Rat! (Unlocked by getting every costume in your museum)


  1. Those Kids! (Unlocked by beating the bonus level, You Meddling Kids!)
  2. Complete! (Unlocked by getting a 100% complete file)
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