Unmask Them, Scooby Doo! Is another incarnation of the long-running Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon,Scooby-Doo. Unmask Them, Scooby Doo! has episodes that run in the same fashion that What's New, Scooby Doo and Be Cool, Scooby Doo! does.
Unmask Them, Scooby Doo!
Premiere Airdate April 15, 2018
Premiere Episode Scurvy Scooby
Original Network Boomerang
Running Time 22 Minutes Per Episode
Seasons 3
Episodes 78 (26 Per Season)
Previous Series None
Next Series  ????


The gang is back, this time solving more mysteries than ever! Join Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, and Fred as they unmask ghosts, monsters, and any other spooky fright along the way!


Actor Character
Frank Welker


Fred Jones

Matthew Lillard Shaggy Rogers
Grey DeLisle Daphne Blake
Kate Micucci Velma Dinkley
Jeff Bennett Del Chillman

Episode Guide

Season 1

# Title Premise Villain Daphneism Chase Song Word Count Writer
1 Scurvy Scooby The gang go on a cruise, not knowing it is being haunted by an evil pirate named Redbeard. The Ghost of Redbeard Being a Custodian From Finner by Of Monsters and Men 2,001 ElChupacabraoftheSnow
2 Voodoo Scoob The gang arrives to an old hotel in New Orleans, only to find voodoo lurking all around. Skeleton Voodoo Priest, Living Voodoo Doll Being Missing Something is Not Right With Me by Cold War Kids 2,056 Decca03
3 New Year, Old Monster The gang goes to a Khmer New Year Festival where a Ta'Moap is terrorizing anyone who goes near the temple. Ta'Moap Being a Khmer Dancer Cement Slippers by Dengue Fever 2,030 ElChupacabraoftheSnow
4 The Dog, the Owl, and the Mystery The gang rents a cabin up on a snowy mountain for a week, but a demonic snowy owl ruins their vacation! It's up to them to crack the case.
  1. Spooky Snowy Owl
Knowing all about snowy owls Snap Out Of It by the Arctic Monkeys 2,093 Decca03
5 Manga Mayhem Velma and the gang go to a convention to meet her favorite Manga Artist. Mari-Chan, the main character from the Manga comes to life, terrorizing the convention. Mari-Chan, Suzuki-Kun Loving Manga Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai by Masayoshi Ooishi 2,011 ElChupacabraoftheSnow
6 Chinese Take Out The gang goes to China and meets an old friend, Del Chillman, and frienemy Alphonse LaFleur. Both of them are searching for the Chinese dragon. And they all find it. Dragon Being the Loch Ness Monster SuG by Vi-Vi-Vi 2,144 Decca03
7 Fred Alone Fred wakes up in a hospital only to find he is the only surviving member of the gang after a case went wrong. He is asked to help discover the truth behind that mystery. Ghost Doctor Not being in it Out in the Twilight by Tally Hall 2,038 Decca03
8 Sewer Gator Scare The gang goes to New York, where a Sewer Gator is attacking residents. Sewer Gator Being a hobo Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand 2,624 ElChupacabraoftheSnow
9 Birdman Island The gang goes to Easter Island only to be attacked by the ghost of Tangata Manu, the Birdman! Birdman Loving navigation Do Me A Favour by The Arctic Monkeys 2,064 Decca03
10 Theater Fear Fest When the gang goes to a theater to see a movie from Fred's favorite movie series, a cartoon mascot comes to life to ruin the premier showing! Harry Hyena Trying to direct a film Television, Television by OK Go 2,558 ElChupacabraoftheSnow
11 Ant Arctica The gang goes to Antarctica because Fred wants to see if his team can beat the cold and still concentrate on a mystery. And they find one, a giant ice ant! Ice Ant Researching ants Antarctica by Men Without Hats 2,889 Decca03
12 Wyverns? Norway! Shaggy inherits a castle in Norway from his ancestor. When they get to the castle, they find a Wyvern has already claimed it as his home. Wyvern Trying to frame Shaggy You're the Reason I'm Leaving by Franz Ferdinand 2,867 ElChupacabraoftheSnow
13 Don't Dover the Demon While on a vacation to Dover, the gang encounters the legendary Dover Demon and Del Chillman. They decide to wait and find it, then solve the mystery! Dover Demon Looking for her Uncle Billy You & Me by Tally Hall 2,347 Decca03
14 Pokingmon Bun and Spoon The gang gets invited to test the new virtual reality game, Pokingmon, however, they all get different roles. Fred becomes the champion of the Screeno Region, Velma becomes a professor, Shaggy becomes a Pokingmon, Scooby becomes a trainer, and Daphne becomes a store owner. Can they all work together to solve the case of the Freakachu, an evil version of the Pokingmon Speakachu. Freakachu Hating her job Urei by Puffy AmiYumi 4,362 Decca03
15 Terror in the Bayou When the gang goes to a near-abandoned town, they find a Crawfish Monster is haunting the nearby crawfish factory. Crawfish Monster Becoming friends with a crawdad claw Do What You Want by OK Go 3,731 ElChupacabraoftheSnow
16 Great Golems! The gang goes to the desert to go camping, but a golem is haunting it. Golem Trying to tell scary stories Black Devil Car by Jamiroquai 2,691 Decca03
17 Scooby-Ich, Scooby-Du The gang gets lost in a German town where the ghost of Ingolf Kruger is fortold to return on that very night. Ingolf Kruger Wanting to learn all about Germany Ich Bin Beraubt Worden by Parry Gripp 2,886 Decca03
18 Dark Night in the Lighthouse A gang goes to an abandoned lighthouse where Daphne wants to prove the ghosts as her uncle wanted to, where they meet Digby, and some ghosts! Ghost Smugglers, Sea Serpent Trying to prove ghosts are real Time Running by Tegan and Sara 4,410 Decca03
19 Scooby Doo VS. The Caveman, Final Destination, No Items Scooby decides to try out his videogame skills at a tournament. He thinks he'll do good until a Caveman decides to ruin his placing. Caveman Being ridiculously good at videogames TBA TBA ElChupacabraoftheSnow
20 Rats, Bats, and Hazmats?! The gang comes across an abandoned town from the 1950s. When they enter, they find that a ghost known as the Hazmat Horror wants them out of the town. Dead or alive. The Hazmat Horror Acting like a 50s houswife This Fire by Franz Ferdinand TBA ElChupacabraoftheSnow
21 World's Best, or Worst Mystery Solvers When some fans of the gang’s mysteries wants to meet them, they get their wish! Too bad the gang also has to figure out how to get rid of the Banshee that is making them look like bad mystery solvers. Banshee Having Split Personalities Makin' It by David Naughton TBA ElChupacabraoftheSnow
22 It Won't Hurt a Bit When Fred goes to the dentist, he finds it haunted by the Ghost Dentist. Meanwhile, Daphne isn't much help to the investigation, as she is busy with other matters. Ghost Dentist Trying to become a dentist I Want to be Sedated by The Ramones TBA Decca03
23 TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA ElChupacabraoftheSnow
24 Sorry, We're Regretfully Out of Furniture When the gang goes to a furniture store to get some new chairs, they find the mascot of the store has come to life and is destroying all of the furniture! Will the gang be able to solve the case, even with Fred's furniturephobia? Wooden Lumberjack Knowing all about furniture A Million Ways by OK Go TBA Decca03
25 Parasol Peril When the gang goes to Tokyo, the mythical Kasa Obake doesn't welcome their presence. Kasa-Obake Becoming a Geisha Rokkugo by Super Junior T TBA ElChupacabraoftheSnow
26 Cryptoboology When Del Chillman visits the National Cryptozoology Museum, the mythical Bigfoot begins to destroy displays there. Can the gang help Del solve this mystery before the museum is destroyed? Bigfoot Feeling bad for monsters Under the Cover of Darkness by The Strokes TBA ElChupacabraoftheSnow

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