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My Scooby-Doo universe

(*) OC I own.
(**) OC I don't own.

Mystery Inc.

  • Fredrick Herman "Fred" Jones - The self-proclaimed leader of the gang, and the driver of the Mystery Machine. The brave and athletic sportsman of the group, and often narcissistic. His trademark line is "Let's split up, Gang" or anything else that includes the word "gang" as he doles out instructions to the rest of the group as they try to solve the latest mystery.
  • Daphne Anne Blake - The fashionable, rich glamour girl of the group. She is noted for her well-to-do upbringing and her obsession with the latest fashions. She's the head cheerleader. She's also a bit of a klutz and accident prone, earning the nickname "Danger-prone Daphne", often getting herself in some sort of predicament in her quest to help solve a mystery. She is also the looker of the group and has no problem getting the full attention of any of the men they come across in their quests. She also has great fighting skills (having a black belt in Karate). She never believed in ghosts until the Specter incident, since then she's become more open-minded to the supernatural. She's also the youngest of her family. Her trademark phrase is "Jeepers".
  • Velma Daisy Dinkley - The brains of the operation. She is usually the one who deciphers all the clues and discovers the truth behind the mysteries. She tends to be slightly heavier set and shorter than Daphne (she's actually younger than the rest of the gang), and definitely does not have Daphne's fashion sense. She wears glasses and is completely blind without them and she also knows her way around a computer. Her trademark lines include "Jinkies" and "Are you thinking what I'm thinking" among others. She's a fan of wrestling and hockey. She's terrified of clowns ever since her 5th birthday, when the birthday clown shredded her new encyclopedia set into confetti.
  • Norville "Shaggy" Rogers - A cowardly beatnik slacker who's more interested in eating than solving mysteries. Tall and lanky in appearance, Shaggy scares very easily and usually wants nothing to do with attempting to solve the different mysteries the gang find themselves getting into. He has an enormous appetite that seems to never be satisfied. His trademark line is "Zoinks". He's a fan of Commander Cool comics and real-life hero the Blue Falcon. Usually refers to Scooby-Doo as "Scoob", and he, along with Scooby, are the comic relief of the series.
  • Scoobert "Scooby" Doo - Shaggy's pet Great Dane and best friend. The team mascot. He can talk. He's a fan of Commander Cool comics and real-life hero Dynomutt, partner of Blue Falcon.
  • NATLAS - An in-built flip-up "state of the art" GPS navigation system housed in the Mystery Machine's dashboard. He shares similar traits to G.P.S., like its sarcastic attitude.


  • Donald "Skip" Jones - Fred's dad.
  • Margaret "Peggy" Jones - Fred's mom. She wears glasses.
  • Nedley "Ned" Blake - Daphne's dad.
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Blake (née Slotnik) - Daphne's mom.
  • Thalia Blake - Daphne's prodigal sister, and a married astronaut. She's the oldest sister.
  • Daisy Blake - Daphne's prodigal sister, and a medical doctor. She has a wealthy fiancée. She's the most snootyiest towards Daphne and her friends. She also thinks Velma is the geekiest girl she's ever seen (and never lets her forget it), and always rudely calls her "Thelma".
  • Dawn Blake - Daphne's prodigal sister, and a model.
  • Dorothy Blake - Daphne's prodigal sister, and a race car driver.
  • Delilah Blake - Daphne's prodigal sister, and in the Marine Corps. She's actually the only sister who's nicer to Daphne, and would help give Mystery Inc. clearance to certain military bases.
  • Dale Dinkley - Velma's dad, who's a research scientist and co-owner of the Coolsville Spook Museum.
  • Angela "Angie" Dinkley (née Walton) - Velma's mom, who's a chemistry professor and co-owner of the Coolsville Spook Museum. She's always trying to bud in on Velma's private life.
  • Dorothy "Dottie" Dinkley - Velma's older sister. She acts mean, snobby, and rude to her sisters and their friends. Based on the girl from this image. (First name comes from One For The Money by SpongeAddict)
  • Madelyn Dinkley - Velma's taller, younger sister. She thinks Shaggy's cute.
  • Colton Rogers - Shaggy's dad. He's a vegetarian and wears glasses.
  • Paula Rogers (née Shaggleford) - Shaggy's mom. She wears glasses.
  • Marjorie "Maggie" Rogers - Shaggy's little sister.
  • Betty Lou Shaggbilly - Shaggy's hillbilly cousin, the last living Shaggbilly after her family were killed off by their rivals the Scroogins. She's always being hunted down by them, but is protected by her best friend Sadie-Mae Scroogins.
  • Dada-Doo - Scooby's dad.
  • Mumsy-Doo - Scooby's mom.
  • Ruby-Doo - Scooby's sister.
  • Scrappy Cornelius Doo - Ruby's son and Scooby's nephew. He occasionally joins the Mystery Inc. with his uncle Scooby. He's headstrong and always wanting to face off in a fight against monster, unlike Scooby and Shaggy.
  • Dixie-Doo - Scooby's southern cousin and Betty Lou Shaggbilly's dog, who's a singer on the Delta Queen showboat.

Friends and allies

  • Jenkins - The Blake family's loyal butler.
  • Mary Weathers - The principal of Coolsville High School. She wears glasses.
  • Katherine Quinlan - The student supervisor of Coolsville High School.
  • Gerald Grimes - The strict vice principal of Coolsville High School. He often gives students detention.
  • Mrs. Harpee - The gang's ill-tempered teacher.
  • Otis - The school janitor.
  • Alice May - The school's resident stuck-up "mean girl" and Daphne's rival. She sees Daphne as her main competition for Fred's attention. She picks on Velma for being a geek.
    • Betty Sisters** - Two other popular girls that hang with Alice May. They're fangirls of Fred. They also join in her bullying Velma.
  • Verona Dempsey - Velma's rival, in academics and mystery-solving.
  • Frank - Fred's friend and fellow jock. He used to pick on Shaggy until Fred put a stop to it. (Name comes from the fanfic Worth It by Doll Girl)
  • Gary and Ethan - Two boys who serve as the comic relief of the series.
  • Gloria "Googie" Ward - Shaggy's girlfriend.
  • Amelia - The school's resident goth girl and childhood friend of Shaggy. She's a big fan of the Hex Girls and Mystery Macabre, and idolizes Drella Diabolique.
  • Gilbert "Gibby" Norton - Velma's nerdy classmate and lab partner. He has a stalker-like crush on Velma, who hates the sight of him. He often tries to impress Velma.
  • Reginald "Red" Herring - The school bully. He enjoys bullying and tormenting others, especially those like Shaggy and Velma.
  • Jessica "Jessie" Herring** - Red Herring's fraternal twin sister. She's one of Fred's fangirls, and bullies Velma. She likes provoking other people and sometimes helps Red with his abusive behavior. She's more intelligence than her brother and is occasionally able to manipulate him into doing things. Her appearance is similar to this character.
  • Brenda and Dylan Ryan - A bickering teenage couple.
  • Doogle McGuiness - A vain member of the Coolsville High School Drama Club.
  • Walt - The owner and cook at Walt's Malts, which is the local hangout of Mystery Inc. when not solving mysteries. He's disgusted by Shaggy and Scooby's odd food combos, but at least he's keeping him in business.
  • Murph - The gang's mechanic who maintains the Mystery Machine.
  • Bronson Stone - Chief of the Coolsville Police Dept.
  • Janet Nettles - The Mayor of Coolsville.
  • Mr. B
  • Bootsie - A stray cat, and one of the few cats Scooby gotten along with.
  • Prof. Laslow Ostwald - An renowned inventor.
  • Walter Claphammer - A regular tourist of the Coolsville Spook Museum.
  • Hex Girls - A teenage eco-goth band.
  • Angel Dynamite (real name Cassidy Williams) - The radio DJ hostess of Coolsville's K-Ghoul.
  • Del Chillman - Angel Dynamite's fellow DJ and an amateur cryptozoologist, searching for myths such as the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti.
  • Vincent van Ghoul (alias Owen DeCassle) - Shaggy & Scooby's favorite horror movie actor, who in reality is an actual magician with extensive knowledge of the supernatural.
  • Chiquita - A Mexican Chihuahua and Scooby's girlfriend.
  • J.J. Hakimoto - A famous director.
  • Melbourne O'Reilly - An Australian adventurer/explorer who is one of Fred's heroes.
  • Elliot Blender - A much younger competitive student who often loses to Velma.
  • Drella Diabolique (real name Sybil) - The self-titled "Mistress of Midnight" and movie hostess of the late-night TV show Mystery Macabre. She dyes her blonde hair, midnight black. She's a confirmed lesbian.
  • Vincent van Helsing - An author and vampire expert. The great-great-great-grandson of famous vampire hunter Abraham van Helsing.
  • Flim-Flam - A clever street kid who briefly joined Mystery Inc, to assist them in returning all the most terrifyingly powerful ghosts and demons back into the Chest of Demons.
  • Celia Clyde - An FBI agent searching for aliens.
  • Wilfred - Maggie Rogers' boyfriend.
  • Billy-Bob Scroggins - A hillbilly who's family has a feud with the Shaggbillys, so he's determine to kill the last one, Betty Lou. He strongly objects to his sister's friendship with Betty Lou.
  • Sadie-Mae Scroggins - Billy-Bob's little sister, she's nice and VERY strong. She's best friends with Betty Lou Shaggbilly, in spite of the feud between her clan and the Shaggbillys.
  • Plaid-shirted male tourist
  • Jennifer "Jenny" Vex - A female spy working for the British Secret Service.
  • Rose - A professional detective and a rival of Fred. She was also his former childhood friend, until they grew apart. She charges a fee for her service.


  • Specter
  • Black Knight Ghost (Jeremiah Wickles) - Mystery Inc.'s first and most memorable case.
  • Charlie the Funland Robot
  • Miner 49er
  • Zombie
  • Redbeard's Ghost
  • Space-Kook
  • Creeper (Deacon Carlswell)
  • Witch Doctor
  • Tar Monster (Mr. Stoner)
  • Old Iron Face ("Mama" Mione)
  • Luna Ghost (Old Man Smithers)
  • Revenge Inc. - A revenge-seeking conspiracy group of past villains banded together against Mystery Inc.
  • Col. Henry Thornwald - The head of a secret military task force searching for aliens.
  • Phineus Phibes - The ruthless leader of worldwide terrorist organization OGRE. He seeks to become immortal. He's usually called just "Phibes". He has a rivalry with Quest Team's arch-nemesis, Dr. Zin. Personality similar to Baron Wolfgang von Strucker from Marvel Comics.
    • Agent #1 - Phibes's most loyal agent. He often has to work with Agent #2.
    • Agent #2 - The dimwitted fat one. His name is Jeff.
    • Agent #3 - The short one.
    • Agent #4 - The muscular one.
  • Count Vladimir Dracula - Lord of the vampires. He was once the Wallachian ruler Vlad the Impaler, until he rose from the dead as a vampire.
    • Martha - Dracula's wife.
    • Igor - Dracula's assistant.
  • Chandra the Unbelievably Remarkable - An evil witch posing as a famous stage magician. She had some history with Vincent Van Ghoul. She wears fishnet stockings.
  • Evil Entity - A nameless Anunnaki who's the most evil of its kind, even among the other dark ones. He's the ultimate evil of my Scooby-Doo universe.
    • The 13 Ghosts - Minions of the Evil Entity and some of the most terrifying and powerful ghosts and demons ever to walk the face of the Earth. They were sent by Entity in order to free him from his crystal sarcophagus, until they decide to take the Earth for themselves. Eventually they were all imprisoned within the Chest of Demons.
      • Asmodeus - The leader of the 13 Ghosts, and the Evil Entity's most loyal minion. Until he leads the other 12 Ghosts to mutiny and take the Earth for themselves. He was once Asamad Van Ghoul, the greatest sorcerer and an ancestor of Vincent Van Ghoul, who made a deal with the Evil Entity for more power.


  • Speed Buggy - A talking dune buggy, and mascot of the Speed Bugs.
  • Captain Caveman - A small hairy caveman with superpowers from Bedrock. He is the mascot of the Teen Angels.
  • Funky Phantom - The ghost of a cowardly Union soldier named Jonathan Wellington "Mudsy" Muddlemore, along with his pet (ghost) cat Boo.
  • Blue Falcon - A masked vigilante who's civilian identity is a wealthy art dealer named Radley Crown with an interest in birds. He's a combination of both the original and Mystery Incorporated versions.
  • Dynomutt - A talking cyborg dog who fights crime along with the Blue Falcon. He was once an ordinary guard dog named Reggie belonging to Radley, until he was nearly killed by a crook and got rebuilt. He's a combination of both the original and Mystery Incorporated versions.
  • Tom and Tub - Two best friends who are young amateur deep sea explorers. They face the dangers of the underwater world, along with their pet seal named Scooby and great white whale Moby-Dick. At one point, Tom and Tub were babysat by Daphne, who they consider their favorite.
  • The Quest Team - A world-renowned family that investigate strange phenomena, legends, and mysteries in exotic locales.
  • Johnny Bravo - A self-proclaimed ladies' man. He has the hots for the uninterested Daphne, while Velma finds him handsome. He doesn't understand Scooby-Doo.
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