Velma Dinkley
Scooby Doo! Mysterious Clues

Character Info

Gender female
Hair Auburn
Eyes Black
Occupation Amateur sleuth
Affiliation Mystery Inc.
Family Mr. Dinkley
Mrs. Dinkley
Madelyn "Mads" Dinkley
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Velma Dinkley is a teenager that lives in Coolsville and is the smartest member of Mystery Incorporated.

Physical Appearance

Velma wears square-framed glasses and a trademark orange turtleneck sweater, along with a short red skirt. She also has long orange socks, and red shoes.


Velma is considered a genius, being in the honor's class at Coolsville High. She has won 20 blue ribbons at science fairs. She also studies for fun and always can hack computers. She can easily figure out clues.